Гидрокостюм Blueseventy Sprint ML

Гидрокостюм Blueseventy Sprint ML

Гидрокостюм Blueseventy Sprint ML

Артикул 1117

Москва, Точка в Крылатском

500 руб. за день

Залог 20000 руб.

Минимальный срок аренды — неделя

Гидрокостюм начального уровня
на рост 182-190 см, вес 80-90 кг
Новый (на 1 января 2018)
blueseventy знамениты посадкой своих гидрокостюмов. Были проведены годы исследований, чтобы сделать SPRINT удобным, чтобы вы могли сосредоточиться на плавании, а не на одежде.
Ключевые качества blueseventy Sprint Wetsuit
SCS coating
Super Stretch
Lowered Collar
Anatomical leg cut
Если Вы хотите попробовать этот гидрокостюм - он доступен в почасовую аренду при условии тестирования на Большом Крылатском пруду. Потребуются водительские права или иные документы для залога.
True Open Water Comfort
A combination of thin neoprene and exposed super stretch jersey in the arms, shoulders and back provide excellent movement and reduced restriction. Thicker Yamamoto rubber at the chest and legs gives swimmers the initial confidence and buoyancy they need. No other suit at this price delivers true open water swimming comfort without sacrifices to quality.
SUPER COMPOSITE SKIN (SCS) - SCS coated in the legs and arms to provide a protective barrier against fingernails, wetsuit strippers and other enemies of triathlon wetsuits.
SUPER STRETCH - Oversized arm gussets featuring super stretch jersey provide excellent flexibility and visibility.
LOWERED COLLAR - Over twenty years of wetsuit design experience has made our traditional zipper an industry standard. Our curved closure flap reduces rear collar height, improving comfort and reducing chafing.
ANATOMICAL LEG CUT - Shaped lower leg super stretch allows quicker exit from the suit.
BUOYANCY - Built off of a modified version of our popular Fusion suit, the Sprint lifts the lower half of the body in the water improving body position creating less drag and more speed while conserving energy.
FLEXIBILITY - No other entry-level wetsuit features thin 1.5mm Yamamoto high quality neoprene in the arm and arm gussets.

KILLER VALUE - Triathlete
The draw: Speed for less
The Sprint swims like a much more expensive suit with a comfortable, no-leak neckline, flexible shoulders and excellent rotation. Panels of super-thin neoprene run along the backs of the arms and lats to give it a fancy, flexy feel. You’ll use a few of the extra seconds you banked in the water to get it off around your wrists and ankles, but it’s worth it for the comfort and speed typically difficult to find at this price.