Гидрокостюм AquaMan Bionik Ladies XS

Гидрокостюм AquaMan Bionik Ladies XS

Артикул 1090

Москва, Точка в Крылатском

400 руб. за день

Залог 10000 руб.

Минимальный срок аренды — неделя

На вес 39-50 кг, рост 149-152 см
Size XS
Made in France
Без повреждений на 7 ноября 2017 г.
Cool look to go with outstanding value! Without a doubt, the best wetsuit for the price on the market! It offers triathletes a wetsuit of the highest quality with a reasonable price tag. The wetsuit has a classic concept, meaning textile on the inside, and the outside made of the Japanese Neoprene Yamamoto #39, with an SCS coating also covering the entire outside. The neck, shoulders, and arms are Yamamoto GIGA #40 neoprene. No other wetsuit on the market offers this combination of neoprene for the price! The shoulders are also extremely flexible and allow for excellent range of motion. The suit also is made with Aquaman innovations like the Revolving Collar and the Flash System which help to greatly limit the possibility of chafing. The forearms have the “Aero Design Propeller” to provide a better catch of the water during the pulling phase of the stroke. Like most Aquaman models, the zipper on the back opens from bottom to top.
Bigger Velcro behind the neck for easier closure.
Hips roll control – Aquaman has added a panel of Rubber Dome to the hips to help flotation and balance when you are on your side.
Если Вы хотите попробовать этот гидрокостюм - он доступен для почасового проката при условии тестирования на Большом Крылатском пруду. Потребуется водительское удостоверение либо иные документы для залога.