Гидрокостюм Blueseventy Reaction ML

Гидрокостюм Blueseventy Reaction ML

Артикул 1110

Москва, Точка в Крылатском

500 руб. за день

Залог 15000 руб.

Минимальный срок аренды — неделя

Гидрокостюм верхнего уровня с лучшей плавучестью от Blueseventy
на рост 182-190 см, вес 80-90 кг
Новый (на 1 января 2018)
Имеет репутацию очень гибкого костюма, отлично приподнимающего тело в воде. Reaction продолжает впечатлять, возможно, лучшим профилем плавучести среди всех костюмов от blueseventy, полученному благодаря каучуку Yamamoto 39 cell.
Ключевые качества blueseventy - Гидрокостюм Reaction
Новая подкладка из джерси
Новые панели на штанинах
Панели VO2 на груди
Плавучесть 4-5-4
Возможен почасовой прокат гидрокостюма при условии тестирования на Большом Крылатском пруду. Будут нужны водительские права либо иные документы в качестве залога.
A Suit That Delivers
The upper body has been upgraded with a brand new jersey liner for unrestrictive reach in the water. New leg paneling delivers faster transition splits. Add to that a low neckline and VO2 chest panel, and you’ve got a suit that delivers everything you need in training and racing.

Technologies And What Makes This The Best Reaction Yet
REACTIVE STRETCH TECHNOLOGY (RST) - Further enhanced with ultra stretch jersey, the RST panels improve arm mobility, reach and propulsion.
S-FLEX - 2mm thin side panels improve fit and body rotation in the water without sacrificing buoyancy.
VO2 CHEST PANEL - A central split chest panel allows greater chest expansion and unimpeded breathing.
LOWERED COLLAR - Over twenty years of wetsuit design experience has made our traditional zipper an industry standard. Our curved closure flap reduces rear collar height, improving comfort and reducing chafing. Also features an easy-access key loop.
QUICK EXIT LEGS - 2mm lower leg panels maximize the flexibility and promote a quick release from your suit in transition. Taping on the internal seams is reinforced and allows you to cut the leg to a desired length.
S-GRIP PANELS - A textured forearm print on our high stretch jersey provides extra feel for the water and additional grip in the propulsion phase of the stroke.
AQUASEAL - The 4-way stretch fabric in our silicone cuffs seal the wrists from unwelcome water entry, without catching when removing the suit.
BUOYANCY - The Reaction features a 4-5-4 panel design centralizing core buoyancy to raise the position of the hips in relation to the rest of the body. Two 4mm chest panels accent natural lung buoyancy to optimize upper body position relative to the legs. 5mm neoprene supports the hips and lower torso, lifting the body in the water, reducing drag and improving speed. 5mm panels in the back of the hips are orientated to facilitate a raised body position when you roll to the side during breathing.
FLEXIBILITY - Highly flexible 100% nylon ultra stretch jersey is lighter and features 35% improvement in elongation compared to standard jersey.

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