Комплект колес на трубках Zipp 1080 + диск Zipp 900

Комплект колес на трубках Zipp 1080 + диск Zipp 900

Артикул 993

Москва, Точка в Крылатском

1000 руб. за день

Залог 30000 руб.

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Front Wheel:
• Weight: 1122g
• Rim Used: 720
• Hub Used: 88
• Spoke Count: 16
• Spoke Pattern: Radial
• Spoke Length: 196mm
• Max Tire Pressure: 125psi
• Track Adaptable: No
• Dimpled Surface: Yes
• External Nipples: Yes
The 1080 is the fastest non-disc in the world, yet it handles crosswinds with ease. Unleashed in a race against the clock, the 1080 knows no limits.
The 1080 takes advantage of Zipp's M2CM technology. It's the most advanced method to join carbon and aluminium, and it results in a nearly bombproof rim with the convenience of a clincher and the reliability of an aluminium braking surface.
Rear Wheel:
• Weight: 935g
When Zipp has introduced the 900 they changed expectations for disc wheels. This wheel demonstrates that disc wheels didn't have to weigh as much as a small pet while offering the stiffness necessary to perform under the world's greatest cyclists. At just 935 g with a cassette hub, the 900 is light enough for the hilliest triathlon or time trial courses.
The Zipp 900 disc remains one of the lightest, stiffest disc wheels in the world and was still more than fast enough to help American cycling legend Kristin Armstrong to time trial victories galore.
Zipp was founded 20 years ago to produce carbon fiber discs that were lighter and faster than anything else available at the time. Today, the 900 still reflects that commitment to giving you the perfect tool for whatever situation you find yourself in.